Sendero & Sirana

Comfortable, light and sustainable

Sendero & Sirana

Comfortable, light and sustainable

Comfortable, light and sustainable

SENDERO and SIRANA are the new members in our bluesign® certified climbing harness collection.

The two performance harnesses convince with their low weight, excellent wearing comfort and minimal packing size. All textiles used are certified according to the strict bluesign® system. This protects our environment and makes the harnesses particularly attractive for consumers for whom sustainable consumption is important.

Sports // Harnesses // Sit Harnesses // Sendero

Productnumber 74327  //  Size S (315 g)  M (332 g)  L (353 g)  //  Certification EN 12277 Typ C


Sports // Harnesses // Sit Harnesses // Sirana

Productnumber 74329  //  Size XS (236 g)  S (266 g)  M (282 g)  L (303 g)  //  Certification EN 12277 Typ C

light & comfortable
offers optimum comfort
extensive features
minimal packing size


The measurements give a good initial indication of which harnesses to consider from the retailer's shelf. Attention: The sizes differ depending on the manufacturer. As with an item of clothing, the cut of the strap is also very important in addition to these dimensions.

A perfectly fitting climbing harness is fixed at the waist in such a way that it cannot be pushed over the hips. It is important to make sure that the material loops point towards the floor and that the tie-in loop and the leg loops are not twisted. How to tighten the belt correctly is shown in the illustrations below.

Most harnesses are cut in a way that they can be used by both female and male climbers. However, this is always a compromise. We have therefore developed some harnesses with a gender-specific shape to achieve an even better fit. These women specific harnesses are slightly more curved on the hip band. In addition, the leg loops are slightly larger in relation to the hip strap and the tie-in loop is also slightly longer.




For maximum hanging comfort, both the leg loops and the hip strap should not be too tight or too wide. Therefore, when buying harnesses without adjustable leg loops, make sure they fit perfectly. A flat hand should fit between the leg loops and the thigh so as not to restrict freedom of movement. A flat hand should also fit between the hip and the hip strap.

Most shops offer a setup for a hanging test. So just put on different harnesses, tie in and hang for a while. The harness should not cut in and should fit comfortably to the body.

  1. Both harnesses feature the innovative Soft Frame construction. Internal load-bearing straps facilitate a wide force distribution without being too noticeable. The combination of the 3D mesh padding and soft harness edges provides excellent comfort even when hangdogging.

  2. 20 mm Slide Block buckle on the waist belt and 15 mm Slide Block buckles on the leg loops (only SENDERO) can be fully opened to make the harness easier to put on when wearing skis or crampons.

  3. An additional plus in safety comes from the robust Dyneema® abrasion protection with integrated wear indicator. With increased abrasion, red threads become visible, signaling to the user that it is time to replace the harness.



And in terms of equipment both harnesses leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to five gear loops and two attachment points for ice screw clips, the harness offers plenty of options to store climbing accessories. A longer leg loop base enables optimal positioning above the hip bones at all times.


The SENDERO also offers the comfort of fully openable leg loops, making it the first choice when the harness is also used with skis or crampons.



So far we have been able to clarify which climbing harness with which elements is the right one for the intended area of application. But even more important is the correct fit of the harness: Most harnesses are available in different sizes. In order to find out which size the harness must have, the following measurements should be taken: the hip circumference, the thigh circumference and for foll body and chest harnesses additionally the chest circumference, as well as the torso length.


This technique is mainly used with our alpine harnesses, as the balance between the factors of comfort, weight and pack size is decisive here. The challenge is not to neglect any of these factors. The use of two load-bearing straps distributes the force over the entire width of the waist belt, which increases support and comfort enormously. At the same time, this construction improves breathability. Due to the wide force distribution, thick padding is not necessary. This results in low weight, a flat design and a minimum packing size, combined with a high level of comfort.



Quality and safety are the key factors that have been driving us further since the very beginning. When making responsible and innovative high-performance ropes we also consequently have been following the maxim of sustainability. This is why EDELRID has set new industry benchmarks for sustainable rope production.

We are the first rope manufacturer to adapt our ropes to meet the tough demands of the Swiss bluesign® system. It is the most stringent environmental standard for the production of textile products: independent, internationally recognised and based on the five principles of resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission as well as occupational health & safety.

Our ropes carry the bluesign® product label thanks to their combination of certified source materials and our advanced rope production facilities in Isny. The bluesign® product label is a seal of quality: It guarantees an eco-friendly manufactured product that is low in pollutants and safe for health and the environment. As such, we have responded to the natural demands of our customers for safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Eight years of working together with bluesign technologies ag in Switzerland, allow us to draw on in-depth experience of sustainable rope production. By converting all our rope production to the tough demands of the bluesign® system we were able to make the following efficiencies when dyeing sheath yarns:

  • 62 % CO2 reduction
  • 89 % savings in water
  • 63 % less energy consumption
  • 63 % less chemicals

For EDELRID this represents a further step towards a sustainable future. We have consistently pursued the task of pushing forward sustainable rope production so that we can continue to inspire trust in the future. We do not consider these measures a virtue, but a natural response to demands of the modern world.

We can now confidently say: "Our ropes are eco-friendly"